Welcome everyone to Amirah Vann Access!

The site is finally open. I spend the last couple of weeks working on it and I’m happy to finally launch it.
There is already quite a bit of content including a detailed biography, a gallery with over 9,000 images and so much more to come.

Why did I decide to make this site? I fell in love with Amirah and her acting when I watched Underground 2 years ago and have been fascinated by her ever since. I wanted to do this site a while ago but didn’t have the time for it. But now I do and voila, here it is.

You can comment on the site. Feedback is always appreciated. If you spot any errors or something doesn’t look right don’t hesitate to let me know. You can also use the poll in the sidebar to let me know what you think of the site. If your answer is “Can Be Improved” then please let me know how.

Also, make sure to follow AVA on Twitter.

Just one more thing before you can go off and enjoy the site.

  • I don’t tolerate hate and rudeness in any way, shape or form – Be respectful towards Amirah, her family and friends. Be respectful towards people who might comment on something. I’m all for people discussing stuff as long as it’s done without bashing and name calling. And last but not least, be respectful towards me. Those who know me as a webmaster know that I love working on my sites and spend a lot of time on them and try to do my best in making them the best sites out there.
  • No rumors/speculations about Amirah’s personal life – There won’t be any speculating on Amirah’s personal life. If there is an official statement from Amirah or her people then it will be posted but that’s it. I respect her privacy.
  • Stalkerazzi Free – What’s that? Any candids of Amirah out and about in her personal time (at the airport, grocery shopping, out with friends, …) won’t be posted.


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