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Television Series: Recurring & Guest

Major Crimes

Crime , Drama , Mystery | 2017
While the search for the missing boys continues, the squad faces off with an untrustworthy priest, an angry ex-husband, and threats from the F.B.I. Rusty startles Flynn and Sharon with a surprising request.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Crime , Drama , Mystery | 2017
The bizarre details of a woman's rape put the SVU at odds when Rollins and Carisi think her story is fabricated. Meanwhile, Benson goes on the offensive when her personal life is scrutinized.

Mozart in the Jungle

Comedy , Drama , Music | 2014
Alex helps Hailey figure out an easy way to make money, while back at the symphony hall, an older musician collapses when Rodrigo pushes him too hard. After being humiliated by Rodrigo's assistant, Hailey lets off a lifetime of steam, and is caught off guard when Rodrigo makes her an offer.


Drama , Fantasy , Sci-Fi | 2014
Tate starts to warm up more to Bo as they continue on the run from the cops. We learn a little about Bo's mom, therefore how Bo inherited her growing powers and where her mother is now. Bo get's a special message leading her to reunite two loved ones and Winter Saves Bo and Tate from getting captured just in the nick of time!


Comedy , Drama | 2013
Hannah is hired to write an e-book, but has trouble finding inspiration. Booth asks Marnie to host a party with him for a gallery opening. Ray goes to see Adam, and they end up traveling to Staten Island to return a stolen dog.

Family Values

Comedy | 2007
Theo Gladdings life is turned upside down when his wife leaves him and he is forced to raise his children on his own with the help of a left-leaning single mother who lives next door.